Introducing the Bijoux

Caught between the weeks of winter, a longing grows within our hearts for the warmth and renewal of spring. We look with anticipation to the eruption of bright, beautiful colors springing forth from the dormant trees. Our hearts and minds may even wander overseas, to tropical shores, lush vegetation and global, cultural experiences that enrich our souls and make us feel grounded and connected to the beauty of the world around us.

This hopefulness for the vibrancy of springtime and this lust for travel shows up in the way we express ourselves. In poetry, art, song, and yes – even fashion. And our newest arrivals for spring take this longing and bring it forth into the vast landscape of women’s luxury fashion.

Introducing the Bijoux. Born from a culture experience of world travel and adventure, this easy slip-on boasts a fearless hue and optimistic vibe designed to compliment an effortlessly luxurious lifestyle. With brilliant displays of shimmering pewter, golden yellow, Roman cherry, seawater turquoise, and pink vinyl-finish leather, the Bijoux will inspire you to venture forth to the far corners of the world and embrace a cultured, well-traveled life.

This stylish slip-on is crafted with genuine leather and a memory foam padded sock for extra comfort with each and every step. Featuring a 1.5” shimmering metallic kitten heel, waxed leather edging, and metal hardware accents, this comfortable little statement sandal is the perfect balance of trend and craftsmanship.

Discover these and other new spring arrivals, now in our Sandals collection, and find the piece that speaks to you this season.