Espadrille Essentials

The warm salty air greets you as you sink your toes into white sand. The soothing sounds of the tide rolling in and out lulls you a state of blissful contentment as the sun overhead blankets your skin with warmth, and the soft breeze gently tussles your hair.

Welcome to your own private beach, an escape from the everyday. It’s a chance to relax and renew your mind, body and spirit, and fall in love with the rhythms of the ocean waves.

It’s this breezy seaside affluence that inspired our two newest Naked Feet arrivals, the Arko and Koyo sandals.

Inspired by our love of sandy shores and oceanside living, these maritime-inspired espadrille sandals are the ultimate summer getaway statement shoes. With their beautiful woven espadrille bottoms, sparkling jeweled accents, and sporty neoprene sock with memory foam padding, these sandals are as comfortable as they are beautiful.

Let’s start with the Koyo. This poolside slide is an enchanting mix of luxurious comfort and glamourous design. This duo-toned espadrille features a thick band adorned with jeweled accents attractively arranged in the shape of flowers. Available in three beautiful neutral shades, this comfortable slide sandal pairs perfectly with any flawless seaside look and can be easily packed in a beach tote when you wish to let your toes sink into the sand.

Our second new arrival is the Arko, sister shoe of the Koyo with its similar duo-toned espadrille weaving. This asymmetrical, adjustable strappy sandal is also adorned with jewels, in addition to metal accents in a more subtle, understated design than its sibling. Also available in three rich, gorgeous neutral tones, the Arko the ultimate in resort wear, perfect for strolling through beachside towns and boardwalks.

Espadrilles like these give an air of modern sophistication to the summer traveler in search of her own oasis. The woven design evokes thoughts of the shore, giving a nautical flair to any look. Whether this season finds you on the beach of some beautiful tropical paradise or not, we hope that these sandals help satisfy you all the summer wanderlust you crave and more.