Seeing the Art in Fashion

With a strong evolution in lifestyle and culture, 2018 has been a year of movement and adaptation. People are ready for change, and learning to remove themselves from whatʼs considered to be “normal” into a space thatʼs truly their own.

Whether that movement embodies itself in non-traditional work environments like working from home or shared work spaces, or more personally expressing itself through art and fashion - the focus has clearly shifted to understanding the core of what makes us who we are, and what makes us happy.

As with so many other ripple effects, our culture often can be seen inspiring artists and influencing fashion. Fashion is the outer expression of how we think, feel and believe on the inside. It is part of our lifestyle, and selected to move with us throughout our dayʼs tasks and adventures. There are no longer trends, seasons or genders. Fashion is about being what you want, when you want, and personalizing looks that fit whomever you may be in that moment.

Naked Feet is inspired by those movements. With an expert design team pulling inspiration from the world around us - from architecture to more non-traditional forms of art found in nature and music - Naked Feet is more than a collection of shoes, itʼs an outward expression of lifestyle choices.

The clean, flowing lines and deconstructed feel of many of the spring 2018 styles
shows an air of confidence and freedom. The muted color palette is relaxed and
effortless, for those choosing to embrace a lifestyle in which they can exist most
happily. The finishing is in the details, and from the artisanal stitching to each
piece of hardware included in every style, theyʼre there for a reason, and that
reason is you.

We understand the needs of the culture as it continues to evolve into a space of
limitless possibilities, and we embrace the strong women stepping out and
choosing to live in that lifestyle. Memory foam padded socks are a practical
feature that Naked Feet has incorporated into every style, to support this strong
woman throughout her day, no matter where it may take her.

Be strong, be beautiful, and believe in yourself. Naked Feet is a collection of
simple sophistication designed for your lifestyle. Start seeing the art in fashion
and embrace the new world you live in.