Sophisticated Sport

It’s time to redefine comfort.

While the trend of athleisure has brought us to cusp of casual-made-chic, it’s high time we reach that peak. Why settle for second best, when there’s a whole horizon of sophisticated sport styling we’ve never explored?

Let’s take luxury, fashion, and comfort to the next level. Because frankly, you deserve it all.

In the spirit of this challenge, we’ve put forth our foray into the sphere of sophisticated sport - the Koda wedge sandals. This mixed leather flatform sandal radiates unrestrained style with its deconstructed pleated design, a staple of this athleisure-inspired look. The pearlized leather gives off a muted luster, while the inked edges and artisanal stitching add a sense of refinement. It’s this careful equilibrium that elevates the Koda beyond the traditional sport casual and into a league of its own.

Make no mistake, however. This sandal falls squarely into the realm of comfort, with its velcro ankle strap providing a secure fit with easy on-and-off, and its memory foam padded sock which ensures all-day wear and maximum comfort. The flatform bottom with its subtle wedge gives a boost while providing much-needed stability and support with every step. With this blend of style and wearability, the Koda strikes the perfect balance between luxurious fashion statement and everyday essential.

The versatility of its design makes the Koda an easy-to-wear summer staple, effortlessly elevating any look and adding subtle sport influence. Discover how Kelsey Breisinger pairs her sport white Koda with a striped beige and white button-down shirt dress, playing off the colors to create a complimentary look. The bright neutrals create an airy yet refined summer ensemble that can pull double duty as a work and weekend look. It’s this creative, next-level styling that takes sophisticated sport styling to its peak.

It’s care and creativity that takes a sport casual piece into the realm of contemporary luxury. With the Koda, we hope to inspire you to embrace this trend in a fashion-forward way. Show the world that style and comfort aren’t mutually exclusive. We deserve the best of both worlds, and we won’t settle for second best.