WITW: Amanda Smith shares an inside view at Naked Feet shoes

A fast pace job in fashion, what's not to love? Brand Ambassador and Sales Executive Amanda Smith dishes on what it's like working at Naked Feet shoes. From driving through snow storms to dining with shoe buyers across the US, join Amanda on a shoe life journey and discover why she choses Naked Feet for work, and for life.

Tell me about a typical day working with Naked Feet shoes?

My favorite part of this job is that there is no typical day. Obviously serving the customers comes first and is a daily thing, but every other day is different.

From trade shows to store visits, I get a lot of time interacting with our buyers and working with them to help grow their business. Other days I'm collaborating with the team to come up with new ideas. All of my days involve lots of communication - phone calls, texts, emails, social media and so much more. I get to be creative as well, like helping create social media posts and videos. I love that every day is different and while I'm often doing this job on my own, I'm surrounded by amazing peers on the sales team and my HQ support team.

What are the parts you love most about your work?

I love working directly with the buyers and stores to help grow their business. I love when they excitedly reach out to me and tell me their sales are amazing because of our awesome shoes! I also must say, I simply love fashion and all it entails. The variety of stores is so interesting - some are bold and eclectic and carry our most colorful styles, while others are classic and timeless and carry our best selling core styles.

It's inspiring to meet these amazing business owners (most of whom are women) and hear their stories.

What are some fun experiences you've had traveling the Midwest and beyond with Naked Feet shoes?

I've certainly gotten a lot of experience driving in bad weather and snow, but I wouldn't call that fun! The destination is always worth the drive. I've enjoyed making friends with the buyers and other reps. Dinners out with these new friends are always so fun. I personally love visiting Chicago especially, and I make sure to schedule some sightseeing after a busy day. I also love traveling to our national trade shows where our whole team gathers.

It's so encouraging to be surrounded by strong women who are so supportive. We always make sure we have a lot of fun nights out - we are a tight knit group!

What does a good Saturday afternoon look like for you?

Saturday afternoons are my time for catching up at home and with family. I live in a tiny town of just 3,000 people, so there aren't a lot of big activities to do. Plus after a busy week, I love the idea of just being home. I often visit my parents, or just spend time with my family. My dog and cat are always happy when it's a Saturday because they know I'm home.

We go on a lot of walks and enjoy the quiet Midwest life. In the summer we try to catch live music outdoor events too.

If you could pick one destination for a weekend getaway, where would it be and why?

This is difficult, because I love to travel. My true answer is somewhere new. I always want to go somewhere I've never gone before. But if I have to pick, I'd say somewhere warm and sunny near the ocean. I love a trip to the Caribbean and even have a weekend cruise coming up soon.

My ideal getaways involved lots of relaxing, some sight seeing, and trying new things.

What are your go-to activities where you tend to wear Naked Feet shoes?

Work for sure! But even just a shopping trip, concert or a social event has me rocking my Naked Feet. I love simple outfits paired with statement shoes, so most of my Naked Feet shoes are metallic or colorful.

What are your favorite styles for SS24?

My favorite style this Spring is the Antipode.I pair the silver with my jeans and dresses and I get compliments every time I wear them. And the best thing is the comfort. I can wear them on the road or at trade shoes, and it doesn't matter that I'm on my feet all day long - they are just so lightweight and comfy!