Winter Musings

Winter. While it can be long and harsh, in many ways it’s one of the most glorious seasons of all. Something in our hearts longs for the glistening landscape, outdoor activities, and family traditions that come hand and hand with the season. Frosted, bare trees stand tall and regal. There’s nothing quite like that feeling at first light, peering from your window at the snow covered ground. It’s nostalgic, and somehow comforting as we are aware of our frigid surroundings from the warmth of our homes. We seek cozy luxuries stealing every spare moment to bundle up and enjoy the embrace of comfy attire. 

luxury winter style

cozy winter style

The winter sun brings brightness to the day, making even the coldest days feel brilliant and beautiful. Of course, there will be days when you wish to stay warm and observe the day from under your covers, but other days you will let the beauty of the winter weather grab you by the hands and guide you outside to take you on a winter adventure. At Naked Feet, we long to keep you well equipped, no matter if you stay indoors or venture into the snow.

cold weather winter boots

It is easy to see the unpleasantness of the winter, but we must not forget about all that is beautiful about it. Yes, the days are shorter and the weather is colder, but that allows for all kinds of new experiences. Grab some cozy footwear like Umbra that will cocoon you in luxury and keep you cozy while bearing that chilling winter wind and snow.

winter style

cozy winter style

Or, stay at home and maximize your winter months for self care, rest, and a mental reset - a very practical charm of winter. After all, some days there’s really no reason to get out of loungewear and effortless slip-ons

fondo slip on womens shoes

cozy indoor setting

Remember, every moment is one that should not be wasted. Seize your winter. You can create a positive experience, whether you decide to brave the elements or nest in the comfort of your home. Today is your day. And we’re here for it.