A Sophisticated Summer Look

It's that time of year again.

The sun is out and temperatures are climbing. Humid days lead into warm, pleasant nights. You feel the outdoors calling your name - beckoning you to wrap yourself in rays of sunshine and dip your toes into the cool waters of the nearby pool, lake or beach.

Summer is on it's way. If you've already begun your annual wardrobe swap and clean-out, you've also probably begun taking stock of all your warm weather clothes, looking to put together simple yet sophisticated outfits inspired by everything you love about the season.

This summer, we're inspired by crisp, clean whites and rich, dark blacks. This beautiful contrast of black and white creates a look that's somehow both timeless and trendy. And the best think about a look like this is how easy it is to put together with the right pieces and accessories.

Start with the Hadidd in Black. These stylish and comfortable women's sandals are the epitome of simple luxury, with modern metal ornamentation, a cork-wrapped bottom, and a memory foam insert. Upscale yet casual, these versatile sandals can be worn virtually anywhere this summer, and pair well with just about any outfit imaginable. They add the perfect touch of sophistication to this everyday summer style.

With summer approaching, it's time to give your look an update for the season. Here's some summer outfit inspiration featuring the comfortable Hadidd sandals.

Another aspect of sophistication is the thin black stripes on this casual summer dress. Forget outdated style rules and laws. The black and white striped look is one that virtually anyone, no matter their skin tone or body type, can pull off well. This particular dress features no sleeves, a must for keeping it cool in the hot summer weather.

Speaking of keeping it cool, you'll also want to include you favorite summer shades and a woven black hat to beat the heat. The right jewelry can also add a nice touch to your overall look. We recommend silver bracelets and earrings with a simple, minimalistic design, although gold can also go well with this look. The choice is up to you.

If you're aiming for sophistication, the trick is to find the perfect balance between intricate details and clean, simplified design. Don't be afraid to experiment with different looks and styles until you find what works for you. And sometimes it's worth investing more money into high-quality pieces that you can wear with a number of outfits.

Keep watching our blog for more style tips and inspiration this summer! And be sure to let us know more about your favorite looks and fashion inspiration in the comments down below.