Instagram Spotlight: @dayinmydreams

naked feet shoes hadidd sandals blog dayinmydreams instagram

If you're looking for some great Instagram accounts to follow, we highly recommend Kristina from Day in My Dreams. She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger out of Virginia and New York City, who has a passion for minimalist fashion and monochromatic styles.

Her Instagram feed is full of stunning images and beautiful photography, showcasing her favorite styles and accessories. We especially love her aesthetic - you can truly see how much thought she puts into each and every picture she takes.

naked feet shoes blog hadidd sandals dayinmydreams

Recently, Kristina has taken several photos of her wearing Naked Feet's Hadidd. These sophisticated sandals have a light cork wrapped bottom and feature a memory foam insert to keep feet comfortable all day long. We think they look amazing when paired with Kristina's amazing sense of style. Take a look at some of these gorgeous pictures straight from her Instagram feed.

naked feet shoes hadidd sandals blog dayinmydreams

For more breathtaking photography and fashion inspiration, be sure to visit her blog at