Fall Trend Report: Future Trad

We live in interesting times. At the crossroads of the past and the contemporary era, where tradition meets modernity for a unique hybrid of thoughts, ideals, and style.

Such is the case for the fashion landscape of fall 2019. We like to call this Future Trad.

Evolving with a futuristic take on traditional British style, this trend combines the traditions of days gone by with the originality of modern-day fashions. The era of crossover and non-conformity lends a hand to shifting this style from conventional to unpredictable. Classic silhouettes are worn in a new way with oversized layering and a mix of casual and innovative pieces.

With this Future Trad trend, you'll see unexpected layering with oversized outerwear such as blazers, jackets, and trench coats. Plaid, houndstooth, tweet and argyle pair together for an eclectic mix of patterns and materials to bring visual interest. Modern twists can be seen in the details with rubber edging, button details, and French inspirations.

Joelle Regh models this trend expertly with her plaid skirt paired with her soft, bell-sleeved blouse for a traditional, feminine touch. The Strata boots bring a more modern, tailored element to the look, with the soft suede and bold metal studs continuing to balance out this classic-contemporary hybrid style.


Forge your own horizons this fall with the Future Trad trend. Experiment with oversized blazers and jackets, tailored picks, plaid, houndstooth, and the modern-classic touches that make a statement this season.