Embracing Minimalist Fashion

According to Merriam-Webster, minimalism is “a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity.”

Minimalism has become a trend in recent years, especially in the fashion industry. More women are finding themselves drawn to sleeker, simpler styles that create a more refined and polished look. At Naked Feet, we’re drawn to these styles as well. This idea is behind each and every one of the shoes we design.

Perhaps you’ve considered adding some minimalistic outfits to your wardrobe, but are unsure about where to begin. Below are five tips for creating the ultimate minimalistic fashion statement.

1. Think simplicity.

naked feet blog minimalism fashion

When it comes to minimalism, less is more. Don’t overcrowd your wardrobe with loud patterns and bold colors. Instead, pick simple pieces that can be used in combination with other simple pieces to create a chic and put-together look. Consider this flowy dress paired with the Bohmm in Sport White. See how much impact these simple pieces can create when used together?

2. Add visual interest.

naked feet blog minimalism fashion

Who says minimalist fashion has to be boring? The right pieces can add just the perfect amount of visual interest to an outfit. Take a look at these pants, which fade from black at the top to blue denim at the bottom. It’s a fun choice to add interest to a simple outfit. The Aaltoo in Grey, with its geometrical design, also adds another element of interest, without overwhelming the rest of the outfit.

3. Stick with neutrals.

naked feet blog minimalism fashion shoes

Try to stick with neutrals such as grey, white, beige, black and navy. These color choices never go out of style and are the perfect way to make an outfit look elegant and refined. Add contrast to an outfit by mixing and matching these neutrals. We especially love how the Tyngg in Grey uses black and grey to create a bold contrast on the feet. This ties in well with the rest of the outfit, which uses varying shades of black and grey to put together a polished look.

4. Go monochromatic.

naked feet blog minimalistic fashion shoes

Alternatively, you can pick one color and build a whole outfit with it. White can be especially stunning when worn this way. (Look here for more ideas on how you can incorporate white in your wardrobe.) When going monochromatic, make sure all the shades match together and that the color is the same all the way through. When done right, this will create a dramatic, ultra-refined look.

5. Pick the right accessories.

naked feet shoes blog minimalism fashion

Lastly, in terms of accessories, think quality over quantity. Because minimalism is all about eliminating the unnecessary, you don’t want to have too many accessories. Pick a great pair of shoes, like the Hadidd in Sport White, add a simple silver or gold bracelet, and find the perfect clutch. Pay close attention to the quality of these items – remember: you want your look to be refined.

Those are just a few ways you can begin to embrace minimalistic fashion. These are not hard and fast rules, however. Don’t forget – the important thing is to put together a look that makes you feel confident and inspired. Minimalism is just one of the many ways in which you can achieve that.