Dauntless Luxury with the Corinth

Let’s push the boundaries, and elevate our style to a new level.

When most think of luxury fashion, they envision the finer details, craftsmanship, and blend of artisanal and contemporary design that makes up so much of the modern fashion landscape. And while this is all true, another important aspect of the luxe experience is uncovering and embracing the new. It’s about daring and bold ideas that blur the lines and surge forward into magnificent new horizons.

It’s with this enterprising spirit that we here at Naked Feet Shoes present our latest arrival - the Corinth.

Naked Feet's Corinth women's platform heeled sandal is available in three beautiful colors, including black, silver, and leopard print.

Featuring a dauntless, curvy silhouette, the Corinth is a slip-on platform crossover style that blurs the boundaries between heels and wedges. Crafted with luxurious leather and a contoured footbed, this women’s platform sandal features all of the finer details you’ve come to expect from Naked Feet, such as inked edges and artisanal stitching leading down to a studded metal accent at the heel. The upfront, open-toe design makes the Corinth an excellent transitional style for the summer-to-fall seasonal switch. Available in three distinct, sophisticated colors, including beautiful leopard print, this heeled slip-on is an effortlessly luxe way to dress up any work or weekend look.

Naked Feet's Corinth Women's Heeled Platform Sandals in Leopard Print

Naked Feet's Corinth Women's Heeled Platform Sandals in Leopard Print

Bold shoes like these need not be overpowered by loud and flashy accessories, nor should they be. Let the daring design of this style speak for itself with a minimal, modern look that emphasizes their beauty and provides a perfect balance of sophisticated luxe and artistic statement. We’ve paired our Corinth in Camel with a simple black button-down shirt dress and matching crossbody purse, and let the wild leopard pattern speak for itself.

So as you navigate this luxury fashion landscape with us, remember that the heart of the true luxe experience is not simply in the finer details and artisanal touches, but also in the spirit of dauntless discovery. Elevate your look with this out-of-the-box thinking and don’t be afraid to push the boundaries as needed.

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