Celebrating Juneteenth

This weekend kicks off the official start of summer! But before you start planning to kickstart with cookouts for July 4th, there’s another celebration of freedom in order. June 19th signifies a very special celebration, a holiday that’s more relevant than ever.
Juneteeth occurred in 1865 when the union army finally made it to Texas to announce freedom for all slaves. It marks not only a day of huge celebrations, it also was a monumental landmark of the end of a long war. This was a great day for our nation as we took a giant step towards total equality for all our citizens. 
At Naked Feet, we’re excited to join the country in this celebration. As a team we are taking time to ponder, reflect, and learn about our nation. We are thankful to be in a nation that's focused on evolving and improving, to provide a better quality of life for all who live here. No matter how you choose to celebrate, it’s great holiday that forever changed our nation.
Happy Juneteenth!