Styling the Tyngg  





We are proud to introduce you to one of our exclusive Spring shoe, the Tyngg. 

The Tyngg is an essential, everyday must have slide on mule that compliments every single occasion on your social calendar. 

Made with the highest quality soft leather, the Tyngg cradles your feet so they feel as if they are completely natural, a comfort for your sole.  Simply accented with a gold buckle and metal ornamentation, this style is the perfect staple in the most exclusive of closets. Put on a pair of wide leg slacks, a flowy modern top as well as your daily essentials and you are ready for whatever your day has in store for you (whether that is a cultured tour or a wine tasting at the vineyard). Getting ready has never been so polished. Why fuss with elaborate attire when a classic clean look will turn heads. Who doesn’t desire to become the next Grace Kelly of our time?  

The Tyngg was crafted with precision. Our goal at Naked Feet is to develop the highest level of class and sophistication into a shoe that speaks volumes. The perfectly inked edges and wide leather straps are purely iconic. If you are still analyzing how this shoe fits in your wardrobe, style them with a pair of ultra-thin skinny jeans and a blazer. From the office to cocktails, this shoe is always appropriate.  Take a look at your new essential sole mate. 

With three outlasting colors and a artisanal design, your look can also become as timeless as all the influencers before you. These shoes are as much of a necessity as your own feet.