3 Fall Trends to Watch Out For

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September is nearly here, which means fall is right around the corner. And with a new season comes new fashions and styles. Here are three trends to watch out for this fall, and some practical ways you can subtly incorporate them into your own look.

The Gender Bend

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Watch out for classic masculine styles with a tailored, feminine twist.  Think tailored blazers, button down dress shirts, belts, and pantsuits - classic styling with modern influences. Consider geometric shapes and refined edges. When selecting footwear, be sure to pay attention to tapered toe shapes and strong profiles with a slight wedge or heel. A good example of this would be Naked Feet’s Oculus, comfortable, geometric loafers with a hidden inside wedge.

Romantic Feminine

naked feet shoes fall trends romantic feminine peony

On the other end of the spectrum, many of the styles this fall are all about embracing femininity. Think curved lines, corset lacing, and soft textures like suede and velvet. Naked Feet’s Peony introduces these feminine details in a subtle way, all while balancing them with functionality. It features soft leather and suede, with a curvy sweetheart topline, and artisanal stitching down the side. A lovely shape with sturdy structure.

Western Chic

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This last trend combines Western influences with sophisticated, modern shapes. The perfect blend of old and new. Details to look out for are suede, fringe, and denim. In terms of footwear, belts and metal ornamentation can give off this rugged, western vibe, while strong lines and tall heels can add an air of sophistication. Naked Feet’s Leilani balances these aesthetics, and brings it all together into a chic, wearable everyday look.

Which trends are you the most excited for this fall?